Scotland Run 10k NYC – Race Report

Guys, it’s the Scotland run,  my favourite!

This weekend brought my favourite 10k of the race calendar.  The Scotland Run 10k takes place each spring in Central Park, and brings in huge crowds and a great atmosphere – and a great theme!  I’ll take any excuse to celebrate my home country of Scotland, especially since I don’t get to visit as often as I’d like.  I was wearing every piece of Scotland themed clothing I owned, and was really excited for this race.

NYRR Scotland Run
It’s the Scotland run!! My favouritest ever 10k! Yes, I know it’s not a real word…

The race takes place entirely in Central Park, completing one full loop – but unlike last week’s Spring Classic 10k, this one runs in the opposite direction.

After last week’s PR (woohoo!), I wasn’t concerned about time for this run as wanted to pace myself and keep my focus on the half marathon training.  This means I had lots of time to have fun and take some photos along the way.

One of the best things about this run was that I had the opportunity to run the whole race with a friend, which was quite a new experience for me.  Sometimes I attend these races with other people, but we never really run at the same pace.  So this run was a nice treat, having some company for all 6 miles!

Heading into the starting corrals.

Scotland Run 10k

So how was the race? 

One word: FUN!

Actually, another few words – WET! Oh my god, the rain.  So much torrential rain.  By the end I looked like I’d just walked out of a swimming pool.  It was so wet that the rain was dissolving the sweat from my face and running it into my eyes, making them sting from all the salt.  Not pretty.

Scotland Run Central Park
It rained a bit

I did enjoy the fitting tribute to Scotland, however, to have a Scottish themed run with appropriately Scottish weather!

Anyway, back to the race.  I must say, I found the clockwise route MUCH easier than the anticlockwise.  The big hill, for one, didn’t seem as steep or as long going in the other direction.  I felt much more comfortable in this race than in last week’s one – but then again, I was running nearly a minute per mile slower so of course it should feel easier!

There was lots of fun things to see and do along the course, great atmosphere and energy from the other runners, and bagpipes at each mile marker!  It’s funny, when I’m at home I cannot stand the sound of bagpipes – but when I’m in another country?  It’s like music to my ears.  Literally, heh.

Scotland run NYC
Bagpiper selfie at mile 3!
Scotland run
Stopping for photos at mile 5.5, definitely not looking to PR for this one!

I really had so much fun at race, I even tried to take a few video action shots too!


I finished in 1:10:03, average pace 11:17 min/mi.  I was happy with that, it was a comfortable pace for me and I don’t want to push too hard now until the half marathon – which is now less than 2 weeks away!

Scotland Run 2016
Finished! Soaked!


3 for 3

This is my third time running the Scotland Run, and I will continue to run it for the rest of the time I’m lucky enough to live next to New York.

In 2014, I hadn’t really started taking running seriously yet, it was my first 10k (well, my second 10k, but the first one was in 2011 and I walked it so that doesn’t count).  I had a friend run part of the race with me, and I didn’t really appreciate at the time how hard it must have been for him to run 12 minute miles with me, when he normally runs under 7 minute miles!  It must have been so frustrating…


In 2015, by April I hadn’t really started running again after my nightmare half marathon attempt in the September.  To be honest, I wasn’t really taking running seriously yet by this point.  I had fun though, but didn’t improve on my time from the previous year.


This year?  Much improved!  I ran the race 6 minutes faster than the previous 2 years, and that in itself is 4 minutes slower than my 10k PR.  So when I run at a comfortable pace I can beat 2014 and 2015 Pam by quite some time!

scotland run nyc
2016 – Just call me the Flash

So what’s changed in the last year?

I started pushing myself to do better.  I stopped smoking, I ran A LOT, and especially in the past 3 months.  It’s so rewarding to start seeing progress!  Even if the weight is coming off very, very, very slowly (seriously), I can see how much my health and fitness levels are improving and it’s incredibly motivating.

  • 2014: 1:16:31, 12:19 min/mi
  • 2015: 1:16:18, 12:17 min/mi
  • 2016: 1:10:03, 11:17 min/mi
  • PR: 1:06:16, 10:40 min/mi

In other words, I’ve taken 10 minutes off my time in 12 months.  I can live with that!

So the big question is, what target should I set myself for the Scotland Run 2017?!?!

2014, 2015, 2016. I think I need some new clothes


Have a great week everyone!

Pam x 




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