Weight Loss Progress: Week 5

I won’t lie, I’ve not had a great week this week.  I’ve tracked all my calories but managed to squeeze in a McDonalds, some pizza and a night out with too many beers.  I also attended a Diwali lunch that I really should have said no to because I had no way to track the calories, which goes completely against my plan with this blog.  However, the call for Indian food was too strong so I’m afraid I did cheat this week!  I tried to track as best as I could but I’m not convinced that I was accurate for that meal.

Let’s just jump straight to the figures…

First things first: The numbers

  • TDEE = 14896 calories/week (see how I calculated this here)
  • Deficit needed to lose 1lb/week = 3500
  • Total weekly calories consumed = 13052
  • Total weekly calorie deficit = 1844

This is 53% of the calorie deficit I need to lose 1lb, so science says I’ll lose 0.53lbs this week.

What did I actually lose?

Nothing, nada, niente.  1lb back on again.  

I'm now quite far behind plan.  Not happy!
I’m now quite far behind plan. Not happy!

Weight loss total = 2.7lbs

This is incredibly demotivating.  If I’d scrapped this whole initiative and just joined Weight Watchers, I’d have made significantly more weight loss progress by now.  I really am trying hard, and the weight doesn’t seem to be coming off.  2.7lbs in 5 weeks is embarrassing.

Is the science wrong?  Is the whole calories in < calories out thing too simplistic?

So how’s this week been?

I always go for the flattering, hide-the-stomach front facing photo, so here's a more realistic one for this week...
I always go for the flattering, hide-the-stomach front facing photo, so here’s a more realistic one for this week…

It’s been a good week in terms of race training, although I did miss my sprints again – need to fix that for next week!

Need to stop these little red x's from appearing!
Need to stop these little red x’s from appearing!

I have kept up my pledge to do a formal race every week until Christmas, this week it was the Lynbrook Fly With The Owls 4M in Long Island, with an extra 2 miles tacked on at the end to meet my training target.  This was a small, suburban race on a dry, chilly, WINDY day.  All in all, quite a fun race!

A quiet, suburban, Saturday morning run for me this week

I was quite annoyed at the start of this race because I drove all the way to Long Island from New Jersey and then realised I’d left my GPS watch at home!! I really, really hate running without my watch as I am terrible at keeping pace.  I managed to download Strava before the race by hovering outside a Wendy’s and using the wifi (seriously), so I did have some idea of timings but it wasn’t really the same.  Finished my 4M in 46:04, average 11:31min/mi – I’ll take that!  I’m not caring too much about speed until the end of the year, I’m just working on building my base.

"Jon take a photo of my race number, and don't get my face in it"
“Jon take a photo of my race number, and don’t get my face in it”

Then, of course, I used all my phone battery on Strava and my phone cut out before I started driving home.  I use my phone as a GPS too, so I was up sh*t creek then. Stranded in Long Island! Luckily I found a shop nearby that had phone chargers for my dinosaur iphone 4, so I had an enjoyable  morning in a local deli eating breakfast post-race and charging my phone

Any excuse for a bacon and egg sandwich is good for me
Any excuse for a bacon and egg sandwich is good for me

Seriously, guys.  Why the f**k isn’t this working?

You know, I am seeing a difference since I started this blog.  My clothes fit differently, and I’m making gains in the gym – this week I upped my squat by 10lbs and my deadlifts by 10lbs.

I’m really, really trying and I don’t know whether this week is due to a misunderstanding about how weight loss works, or the scales are reflecting my poor food choices this week (despite me still having a calorie deficit).  Last week I posed some questions as to why the scales might not always correlate to performance, and this week I am going to research this and figure it out.  So stay tuned for future blog posts!

One milestone I have reached this week – 100 days without a cigarette!  I’ve been a smoker on and off since I was 13, so I’m feeling pretty smug about this.  Not gonna lie, not smoking is sh*te sometimes, but it’s making running so, so, SO much better and more enjoyable.  So I’ll be keeping it up.

Hey, I seem incapable of losing weight, but at least I'm not failing at this...
Hey, I seem incapable of losing weight, but at least I’m not failing at this…




This week I’m travelling to the UK to renew my US visa, I’ve been living here for almost 3 years already.  Time flies! Travelling brings its own challenges, and I’m trying to plan accordingly and have a strong week – my running gear will be in the suitcase!  There are two things I am planning on which go against my healthy eating – a Scottish fry up and an Indian curry.  I’m going to avoid everything else, but these two are a must, who knows when I’ll be in the UK again!  So my challenge for next week is how to fit these into my calorie plan and track them accurately.  Let’s do this!

Pam x 



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